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TARIS North Aegean Extra Virgin Olive Oil - With Special Box

It is our olive oil with 0.5% acid ratio, obtained from Edremit / Ayvalık variety olives in the Nort..

$14.90 Ex Tax: $14.90

Taris Organic Dried Fig (Chocolate Fig)

The stems and eye parts of the first quality and coarse figs coming from the fertile lands of the Ae..

$7.00 Ex Tax: $7.00

TARIS Organic Natural Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Tariş Organic Natural Olive Oil is produced from Aegean olives grown by traditional methods, in spec..

$19.90 Ex Tax: $19.90

Taris Smyrna Organic Dried Figs 1000 gr

Smyrna Gold Organic Dried Figs 1000 gr Figs, the miracle of nature, are offered in our new Tralles ..

$29.90 Ex Tax: $29.90

TARIS South Aegean Natural Extra Virgin Olive Oil

This is the true story of genuine South Aegean Olive Oil. The unique character of the South Aegean o..

$24.90 Ex Tax: $24.90