While time is defined as the passage of a certain period of time for the change of position relative to each other during the movements of all objects in the universe, the issue of time and measurement in social life has been very important since ancient times. People living in ancient times defined the time and direction to a great extent by observing the sun. However, the basic central concept in the time-society relationship has been the measurement of time.
The concept of time is not only one of the areas of interest of philosophy throughout history, but also one of the important areas of mathematics and physics studies. The subject of time-space is one of the topics that have been discussed throughout history in the fields of belief, philosophy and science, and which have various opinions in the direction of understanding the universe. Many measurement types have been developed for the comprehension of time.
Sundial Paper Weight
The effort to measure time according to the position of the sun and to place the temporal resources in a framework that can be the same for everyone, led to the formation of sundials. In the common types of horizontal sundials, the shadow of a vertically placed bar falls on the horizontal dial that shows the time of day. As the sun moves across the sky, the tip of the rod moves to coincide with different hour lines. The use of sundials starting from the Hellenistic period continued in the Byzantine and Ottoman periods as well. Sundials are positioned in the city to see the sun all day long and public areas such as agora where people can come in crowds were preferred.
The Sundial Paperweight is inspired by the astronomical clock on the church wall in Prague, which represents the clock function as well as the cycle of the zodiacal zodiac, as well as the clock function.
All of the relief patterns on the Sundial Paperweight are handcrafted and decorated using gold gilding and glass paints.
Diameter: 10 cm
Height: 5 cm

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